Points Structure

for the Inter-University Esports Championship 2020

The University scoring the most points across the tournament will earn the coveted Inter-University Esports Championship title for the year 2020.


  • Game titles listed on https://university.gamer.lk are open for registrations.
  • Only the game titles that meet the criteria below will be considered for the Championship award.
  • A game title has to have a minimum of 8 successfully registered players/teams for the game to be considered for the Championship award.
  • Game titles which can’t be finished due to unforeseen issues (eg: game server unavailability, matchmaking failure, etc) will not be considered for the Championship award.
  • Gamer.LK reserves the right to decide on the final list of eligible game titles.
  • Decisions made by Gamer.LK are deemed final.


A combination of placement points and points based on number of participants across all the game titles will be considered for the points calculation.

Placement points distribution
First place = 3 points
Second place = 2 points
Third place = 1 point

Points based on number of participants
Points assigned for game title = (Participation for game title) / (Total participation across all eligible game titles) * 100

Final points calculation for each game title
Final points = Placement points * Points per game title

Consider the following example to better understand the calculations. The four game titles mentioned are selected as the eligible game titles for this example. The placements of three universities have been mentioned and the points assigned for each game title based on number of participants have been calculated according to the formula above.

Eligible Game Titles Participants First Place Second Place Third Place Points assigned for game title
Call of Duty 4 100 University A University B University C 30
COD Mobile 150 University B University A University C 45
Clash Royale 40 University C University A University B 12
DOTA 2 40 University C University B University A 12


The final points won by each university will thereby be as follows:

University Points for each game Overall total points
University A 90 + 90 + 24 + 12 216
University B 60 + 135 + 12 + 24 231
University C 30 + 45 + 36 + 36 147